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Could someone please help me with my study guide?

1. Why are sponges classified as animals?

2. Describe how a sponge obtains food and discards waste.

3. How do polyps differ from medusas?

4. What is radial symmetry? Give an example of an animal with radial symmetry.

5. Describe the arrangement and structure of the body layers of the hydra and medusa stages.

6. During the early development of many animals, cells differentiate into three germ layers. Name these layers and give an example of a body structure that develops from each layer.

7. Differentiate between a cnidocyte and a nematocyst. Why are these structures important to cnidarians?

Hey if you’ll help me out. I would be very thankful. Heck I may even put you as the best answer. Happy holidays!

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Sponges are classified as animals because they are multicellular, heterotrophic, have no cell walls, and contain a few specialized cells.

The movement of water through a sponge provides a simple mechanism for feeding, respiration, circulation, and excretion.


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What sort of help are you asking for? Are you wanting answers to these questions?

I assume you have a textbook or lecture notes in which these things are covered. Re-read all your required material and then check with a reference librarian if you can’t get the answers from your written sources.

Giving help to something like this is not to simply give you the answers; that’s not help, that’s close to cheating or is cheating.