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mimi s

College Loan?

I just got ram in the exhaust when I applied for loan and thought it was gonna help pay for my classes, computer, etc.. but found out that i can’t get the stafford loan because i was disqualify from financial aid… and I need 3000-4000$ within a month!

Whats the best loan to get for a college student that have been disqualify from finacial aid?? please help

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You could try a private student loan. The money is sent directly to you and can be used for any educational expense.

They are provided by private lenders as opposed to the federal government. As such the terms and repayment conditions vary from lender to lender.

A couple I recommend trying is Student Loan Advisors at http://www.StudentLoanAdvisors.com/ and Chase Bank also has a dedicated online department you can reach though http://www.usadegrees.com/chase/

You will need to have a reasonable credit and employment history in most cases, if you have a co-signor that can help you get approved more easily.

Typically if you apply online tonight, you can be approved by Monday afternoon and the check sent to you by the middle of October.

Good Luck!