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Can anyone think of…?

symbols of

– gym

– Open minded

– Close minded

– pride

– Sorry/ Forgiveness

– determination

– volleyball

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Gym——- A bunch of Arnold Schwartzannegers walking around….(spell check didn’t catch that last name as wrong) …

Open Minded——- A cop who took into consideration your reason not to ticket you and gave you a warning

Close Minded—— A cop not even trying to hear your reasoning on why he shouldn’t give you a ticket.

Pride—- A mother watching her 7yr old win the national spelling bee

Sorry/Forgiveness——-A childs face when she REALLY did accidently spill something

Determination—–A woman in labor

Volleyball—— Spiking and over hand serving


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m e l i <3
open minded- a person thinking to themselves while others are talking

close minded- a person putting their hands over their ears while others are talking

pride- a lion (I don’t know why…xD)

forgiveness- people holding hands and smiling

determination- a man with sweat on his forehead

volleyball- the net