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What should we do to increase intellegence of our nation?

Please be specific don’t say things like “education”.

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Reorder the priorities of federal and state funding of schools (making schools first priority);

raise teacher’s pay to encourage the good ones to stay;

get rid of standardized testing which only teaches students how to take tests;

kill your TV.


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teach them the bible for their internal morality,

then dump cable tv except the educational programs.

we could eliminate ooooo – 90% of the drivel therein.

no, it will not happen. they need stupid people to

idolize actresses without panties, insipid soaps,

boring golf and ‘shop til you drop’ channels.

iow, the USA is not long for this planet.

but now you know the REST of the story.\\

good DAY!


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William S
We might begin with spelling. Intelligence has two eyes.

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learn how to spell intelligence