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How can I do a good, timely job my college essays?

I am applying to eleven selective schools, seven of which have January 1st deadline. This means that I have about 10 essays to write before then, two of which I have written. I have the resume and am the type of person the colleges are looking for. I am a capable writer, but I often find myself gridlocked, focused on the details of the essay: highlighting things I want the colleges to see and ensuring my grammar is perfect and effectively conveys my meaning. (The essays that I write that are the length of this question take about an hour and a half to complete, whereas this question takes about 10 minutes) I want to write well-written, effective, and positive college essays, but I also need to write them on a timely basis.

I’m looking for tips on how to do quality writing in a shorter amount of time.

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Get offline, and start writing your essays. Finish first, revise later.