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what should i choose..?

alright.i’m currently 15 and starting to decide for streams and later on courses i wanna attend to.but.now is the problem.what shall i choose as my career?okae.i’m kinda good in languages.and scores 27/30 for english essay.i tought of mass communication before.but later on.i found out that my interest is in law.i wanna be a lawyer to help ppl out from trouble because i found out that this world is getting more and more con man and even clubs who actually cheats and charges extra money(i mean fitness clubs and beauty sallon not night clubs or wad)but i also got interest in music especially piano as i learnt piano since i was 3 and quite talented in it..what shall i choose??

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You should choose to talk with a professional. Start with your school counselor or guidance counselor. If that is a no go, talk with a librarian. If you have the bucks, find a professional counselor (license required) and work with them. Start at school however. That is what guidance folks are supposed to do.