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What is the time difference in Spain from the US?

if its 3:00 pm in the usa,

what time is it in spain?

i need to make a phone call over to spain, but i dont want to call in the middle of the night over there and wake somebody up!

help please

grasias[ thats spanish for thank you]


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Captain Jack

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Spain is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time…if you are on the East Coast, 3 pm for you is 9 pm in Spain.

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Check out Time Dial for time and dialing codes

Theres a few time zones in the US

Time in US = http://www.timedial.net/default.asp?CountryAway=US

Time in Spain = http://www.timedial.net/default.asp?CountryAway=ES

Time Difference = http://www.timedial.net/TimeDifference.asp?CountryAway=ES