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What is the compensation for a teacher assistant at a Montessori School?

Anyone who works at a Montessori School (Pre K) what is the rate of pay for a full time assistant? I know the rate will vary depending on area (I am in the Tampa Bay Area). The school is fairly large. I am just looking for a ballpark figure as I am interviewing tomorrow and have no idea the going rate.

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It really will depend on the area, but more importantly, on your experience and any certifications that you may carry.

For instance, in the Philadelphia area, at one of the largest AMS Accredited Montessori schools of around 400 students, a brand new teaching assistant with no experience or without a degree could expect to earn about $9/hr.

An experienced assistant with some teaching background, some Montessori classes, and possibly a state teaching certificate could earn up to $17/hr. Assistants with a great amount of experience and tenure might earn as much as $20/hr, but that it is unusual.

Full-time assistants (30 hours or more) also receive good benefits at this school.

I would expect the Tampa area to track about the same.


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