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What exactly is a Presorted Standard stamp?

I have a stamp that says “Presorted Standard.” Can I use it for a regular letter? What is the difference between that stamp and any other regular stamp?

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Barkley Hound

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If you mail thousands of pieces of mail that are presorted by zip code there are mailing discounts. There must be a minimum number for each zip code. Instead of buying a bulk mail permit you can get the special stamps. A free permit is required to buy them.

See the link below for details.


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A presorted stamp is used on letters that have permits.

In order to use a Presorted Stamp, you need to have an LPC code, which is a whole bunch of vertical lines. You see these on Business Reply envelopes. Without the correct dashes, or code, the stamp cannot be used.


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That stamp is for presorted junk mail. You need a 41 cent stamp for first class (regular mail).