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What do books help you with in being intelligent?

I’ve seen this pop up in loads of places and i want the lowdown.

Can FICTION AND NON-FICTION make you more intelligent? How?

Can i give a really unintelligent teen going into his GCSE’s 10+ books to read and he’ll start getting A*

I’ve written that and it sounds silly, is it right though?

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Reading stimulates the mind in a way that watching TV doesn’t. It’s been scientifically proven that the brain goes into an almost trance-like state while watching TV, but certain centers are very active while reading. It can’t alter basic intelligence, but it can improve grades. Reading non-fiction is educational for obvious reasons, and fiction stimulates the imagination, because it generates images of what’s going on in the story. It can even help reduce some of the effects of aging on the brain by keeping it active. Reading is good for anyone, at any age.

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Well i guess that would depend upon the books. If you give him Hop on Pop or a hardy boys novel he may not learn much. But if you give him For Whom the Bell Tolls, or The Blind Watchmaker, yeah something might stick.

REading stimulates the brain regardless but the only way to an A is to study the subject at hand.