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what can I do and is this good?

I started school today.Its a new school and my whole family goes to the same one.I’m a really smart kid,but I’m afraid I’m gonna get bullied or picked o if I show my smartness…now I’m not saying I want to act stupid…but I just don’t want to get bullied all the time,I want to enjoy school….

What can I do?

Okay and my second question is if I’m taking all 7th grade classes but one is that good or a 6th grader?

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Being intelligent is never a bad thing, but if you’re really worried about getting picked on, then I’d say be humble about it. Don’t rub it in other schoolmates faces that you’re taking classes a year ahead of them, or act better than them.

As far as if taking all but one seventh grade class while being a sixth grader is a good thing or not, that’s for you to decide. If you’re not comfortable taking higher level classes, then no, I’d say it’s not such a great thing, but if you’re cool with it, and you find it challenging and/or entertaining, then yeah, it’s a good thing.

Have fun in school.