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What are some affordable boarding, military or boot camp style girls in the USA?

We are looking into it for a troubled teen, but cannot afford 35,000 per year! Ones in the west are preferred, but not required. Thanks for the input. 🙂

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cheri h

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I also was looking into these types of schools for my step daughter. the ones I found were upwards of $70,00.00 per year. Could not afford that so I checked locally with the sheriffs department, they run a boot camp for troubled teens and it was affordable. $125.00 registration fee.I live in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. They also have a boot camp school called F.O.S.I.(Florida Ocean Science Institute) This is a court ordered program, and has helped many kids. Call your local court house and see if there is any help for juvinile deliquent children in your city. Good luck! I have said a prayer for you.