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florida queen

Trying to get into UNC Chapel Hill?

I really want to go to UNC, but i think i might get a C on my report card in HOnors Alg 2

i had straight A’s first semester last year and 2 b’s second semester (all honors courses) im in band and im on my high schools lacrosse team. iam a sophomore. do you think i still have a change to get into UNC? what else should i do before high school is over? just any suggestions would be great!


(dont reply saying learn how to spell or fix my sentences or anything, im just too lazy to do it right now)

thanks !

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Admissions Statistics For UNC – Chapel Hill

Freshmen Academic Profile

SAT – Crtiical Reading Middle 50%: 590-690

SAT – Math Middle 50%: 610-700

TPR Projected Range SAT Writing: 650-720

ACT Composite Midldle 50%: 25-30

Average High School GPA: 4.37

Students in top 10% of HS class: 76%

Students in top 50% of HS class: 99%

Students from Public School: 84%

Basis for candidate selection

Very Important Factors:

Secondary school record

Class rank


Standardized test scores


Character/personal qualities

Extracurricular activities


State residency

Important Factors:

Alumni/ae relation

Minority status

Volunteer work

Work experience

Freshman Admission Statistics

Total applicants who are accepted: 34%

Total of accepted students who enroll: 57%