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Lily Amanda

Summer homework?

Do you have any?

What do you have to do if you have any?

I have

I have to read atleast 4 books then pick two and write 10 paragraph essays about them.Then i have to wirte a story about my summer .then write a letter to my teacher about what i think next years going to be about.THEN study some big words O_O.THEN!!!write 10 ways i saw science during summer.THENNNN study math.

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wow. sounds like a lot. i just asked a question like urs. i have to read the Once and future king (600pgs long) and The Good Earth( 450 pgs.) then do 3 projects on each. Not to mention i have to watch 6 videos ( 2 of them 4 hrs. long) and do 2 page write ups about them.

crazy. this is summer!!!

i feel for ya.


4 years ago
Oh heavens specific. that’s what i’m no longer doing on the 2nd. 1st- study “the genuine Fidel Castro”. do the English project (discover costs) do the historic previous project (timeline) do the biology project (write a mag: the cuban missile disaster wasn’t resolved). study “The Christopher Killer”. appreciate our summer season examining. proceed with song instructions. and that i’m taking 7 IB training next 3 hundred and sixty 5 days (junior 3 hundred and sixty 5 days)

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jamaica godess
it is summer teachers should give students a break.what the hell.

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Lil One!
Lol…. Looks like you got some work kid. lol… sorry, good luck with that!!!