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plese help! i need opinions it’s about the government!?

we’re doing this debate thing in class tomorrow. and our teacher randomly gave us topics for when we’re debating with the other team. our teams topic is: “The government should have unlimited power to fight terror.”

we’re supposed to have examples and stuff. i was wondering if any of you could give me reasons/examples of how the government should have unlimited power to fight terror? please. i need help. i want to win this. i’m doing research right now but i’m not getting, really anything that says the government should have unlimited power to fight terror. please help.

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If you want to stop the next WORLD WAR – the US needs unlimited power to fight terror!

If you want to argue cost, politics, rights, etc. – prepare for the next, Peal Harbor, 9/11, ???

The Military should not be run by fear or civilians…

You can’t win Sundays game being a Monday Morning Quarterback…

After they strike – It will be too late!

Defending our Country is TOP PRIORITY!!!

(Hope this helps and God Bless the U.S.A.)


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daniel f
if the government has unlimited power, than they can make our nation safer place to live.

but if the government does have unlimited power, what the difference between communism


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the first commander in cheif or president, is the only one who has the control of where and when to fight,whether its terror or an attact on theU.S.A.., any army or armys that comes upon our boundery w/ force,will recieve any means to halt them,the goverment only has the power to ask the cic or president to cease or reinforce our armys.

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decsions can be made quickly so we would have a quicker reactions new threats