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Please explain…?

The world now belongs to the East.

This is a topic for a debate. Could someone please explain in detail what exactly it means?

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Eastern countries are using Western technology to catch up big time. The world is wide open for them. Their restrictive government focuses the work of hundreds of million people in one direction. The USA and other countries have no such focus.

Look at Japan. They were nuked, but we helped them rebuild and they are now kicking us around the block with new technological processes, better cars, electronics, etc.

Korea and the “bomb” nuclear power, etc.

India and it’s computer industry and phone lines are racking up points and hits.

It’s a world market now and the East is making extremely good use of it. Ingenuity and drive to make whatever the USA makes – better – cheaper – faster.

Way too many details – these were just starter ideas to get you going. Good luck.


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world belongs to USA

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Gillipsie M
i think it indicates the development of countries in east like india , china.

also it indicates changing trends in west —

like giving importance to values of east .e.g.

yoga , our cuisine , medicinal system …..etc

i hope you find it useful….