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Online writing courses?

Hi All,

I’m looking for some free online writing courses/classes, etc. I’m keen to learn about fiction, especially fantasy fiction writing and would be grateful for any links.

I’m also interested in paid online courses such as university distance education but I’m not after anything with a hefty price tag.


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Louise S

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Writer U has online classes for $30 per course – they each last 2 weeks. Barnes & Noble has free online writing classes. I’ve taken a couple of the B&N ones – they’re basic, but pretty good. Of course, they want you to buy a book or two to use as textbooks. Their main drawback is that there are hundreds of people in each class, so not much in the way of individualized feedback, and it takes forever to read through others’ posts. I haven’t taken a Writer U course yet – just signed up for one yesterday – so have no feedback on those.