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Notable students of Albert Einstein?

When I look through the genealogy of theoretical physicists in wikipedia, I am surprised to see that Einstein has not been an academic advisor for anyone! I know he have been teaching in various universities but anyone know more details, like any famous physicist attended his lectures?

Btw, what are the normal age differences between an academic advisor and his/her students?

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Mileva Maric Einstein collaborated with Albert Einstein for years as a student and then as his wife.

Alfred Kleiner (April 24, 1849-July 3, 1916) was Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Zürich, and was Albert Einstein’s doctoral advisor or Doktorvater. Initially Einstein’s advisor was H. F. Weber. However, they had a major falling out, and Einstein chose to switch to Kleiner.

for more of him go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Kleiner

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Abdul Jabbar Abdullah was an Iraqi wave theory physicist, dynamical meteorologist, President Emeritus of Baghdad University, and a student of Albert Einstein’s.

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Dr.Mahmoud Hessaby
In 1947, he published his classic paper on “Continuous particles”. Following this, in 1957 he proposed his model of “Infinitely extended particles”.