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“NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND”, a good concept?

As all people have their own agenda, (even the youngest child schemes) is it fair to impose on the school system that all should learn?

I liken it to the saying:

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

I understand the desire to educate, but learning cannot be forced into a stubborn, rebellious mind.

When the basic control of a child is taken out of a teacher’s hand, how can anyone think that the authority remains?

If a child cannot be disciplined (spankings etc…) he cannot be controlled. If he cannot be controlled, he cannot be taught.

Everything that a child is taught is FORCED uppon him:

What to eat, wear, when to go to bed, what words are inappropriate. etc…

A child that is taught, through actions of parents and others, that please and thank you are not needed, that listiening is optional, that abusive behavior is permitted, becomes an unteachable child. lowering standards to give the appearance of achievement only hurts the rest.

Your toughts?

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Mr. Len

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Not a good concept. Not all kids are the same, nor learn the same. Some kids have learning disabilities. For those reasons and more, are why some kids are left behind; to re-learn what they chose not to or couldn’t learn. Let’s stop bringing down the school standards to appease everyone! This concept and the PC concept are FAILURES and the proof is all around us. Better to be left behind and actually “learn” something than to “fall through the cracks” and just “pass”. How will they ever learn otherwise?