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nervous for moving on to 7th grade…help me in my time of need?

what do i need to watch out for in 7th grade, any suggestions or tips. I reallyyyy need tips…is it hard or really embarresing or what…please help!!!!

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7th grade is a whole dif ballgame, hun! i should know. i wanna tell u what u should wear in the 7th grade……

the more ghetto sayings (babygurl,princess) the better,

and if it is rly glittery than put it all 2gether.

wear jeans with whisker to get all the boys to the yard


every1 loves sum41 and dereck whibley

join the jump rope club as fast as u can

to give yr tush the full ooomphyness, make sur that u always wear huggies (the ones w/ koala fit grips too)

make sure that u wear loves baby soft perfume mixed with cucumber melon

dragontales is ur best bet for tv

pack puddin snacks in ur lunchpail and share it w/ the other little kiddies.

i hope that u make ur 7th grade year the best because in 8th grade is when u have to start collect other peoples boogers for science claasss.. so make it the best year ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I’m going to be a senior in high school and I remember 7th grade well. I’m from a really small school so the things that I dealt with as a middle schooler probably wouldn’t be the same as a bigger school. There will always be teasing no matter what grade you are in. Just remember that you are above anybody who wants to bring you down to their level. Middle school is hard socially, because you are trying to find your place in society.Always remember who your real friends are.

As you get into high school it gets better! Believe me. You can feel the attitudes of everyone around you change, but some may not.

I wish you all the best in your upcoming year! Have fun!


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Hi — I’m actually a junior high teacher — and these are my tips:

1) get a planner and use it — write down each class’ assignments and due dates — get in the habit of using it every day

2) put your assignments in your binder before you leave that class — don’t just shove them in your backpack

3) be kind even to the kids who everyone else is mean to — you’ll respect yourself and give that person a bit of respite

4) Even though being popular is going to feel extremely important to you — remember that having good character and a good heart is of far greater value

5) When you finish an assignment or learn something new — be proud of yourself — and when you don’t get something — keep working at it and ask for help

6) Don’t worry too much about boys and definitely don’t get involved with them beyond crushes and fun hanging out with friends

7) exercise

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head. Have lots of fun and lots of friends and be the kind of person that will make you feel impressed with yourself.

Oh, and it’s going to be embarrassing sometimes because that’s just the way it is for this age — but you’ll get over it. Don’t feel too bad about yourself and don’t make other people feel too bad about them selves either. You’ll learn confidence as you go.


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susan s
Yikes, I remember those nerves. It sucks not knowing what to expect and 6th to7th is tough already. Try not to sweat it and know that everyone is feeling the same way. Although some will act like they are too cool, trust me, everyone has the same nerves.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It’s okay to be you. If you start your 7th grade career off with a fake you, you will get a reputation really quick. Just be you and people will like you for what you have to offer. Join some clubs or student council – it’s an excellent way to meet others.


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You should watch out for more homework and classwork. Be ready for your back to hurt because you will most likely need to carry many books. Be ready for the teachers to be harder on you no more fooling around. 7th grade is hard but it is like every other year you think it is hard at first but at the end of the year you realize the you accomplished something new and it is like all your other school years. Hope it helps.

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I remember when i was in 5th grade i used to have nightmares about 6th grade (that when we started Jr high) but in reality it was just like 5th grade. maybe some friends will change may be you will change. some subjects will be a little hard. as for the embarrassing part you will have some, but you had some in elementary and you will continue to do so for the rest of your life and that’s OK that’s part of the excitement of growing up.

good luck and have fun


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it depends on what u do….play it safe don’t TRY to be cool, u might get embarressed. Just try to make friends by being friendly, but not too frinedly, and be yourself but not too much at the beggining, let them get use to you gradually or people will be scare….i know what im talking about…