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michelle a

i am researching colleges right now and i would like to know the opinions of some other people?

1) i am thinking of applying to 11 universities right now. do you think that’s a good number of schools?

2) instead of waiting to start my college applications when school starts, i am starting right now over the summer.

3) the universities are: rutgers university in new brunswick, monmouth university, montclair state university, the college of new jersey, pace university, new york university, cornell university, niagra university, syracuse university, philadelphia university, boston university.

4) just give me some of your opinions on the schools because i am trying to narrow it down to 8-9 schools.

5) by the way, i already visited the schools websites and the decision is even harder, but having the opinion of other people besides my family and friends would really help.

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Personally I think it’s too many but if you really have no idea which are your favorite schools, go for it.

Probably you will get into all of your “safe” schools, most of your “hopefully” schools, and at least one or two of your “I pray I get in” schools. So I would (and did) do 5 schools – 2 of your top hardest, 2 of your middle range, and one gimme definitely gonna get in schools.

PS – as an undergraduate, believe it or not most material you learn is pretty much the same anywhere you go. What’s more important is the student body and the learning environment. So if you want a school with the top students, pick the hardest school. Maybe you want a small school with a small student/prof ratio? Or a school near a big city with an active social scene? Or maybe you want something in the middle of nowhere, where the student body is focused on university activities. In the end it’s impossible to help you with these decisions, because the are intensely personal. You’ll do well where ever you choose tho. No doubt.


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1)I applied to 9 schools so no I don’t think it’s too many.

2) The earlier you start the better. I’m trying to get my brother to start applying – he’s just lazy. Just a tip, make sure your entire application is put together before you send it. Colleges have a tendency to lose application materials if they come in all separate.

3) I’m a BU student so if you want more answers specifically you can email me.

4) I love BU.

5) If you haven’t you should spend the day at each of the schools to get a feel for the environment. I felt that BU was the right school for me in my gut.

6) I’m a communications major and I was also going to minor in theater, but changed to history. The best schools for COM that you’ve listed are: NYU, Cornell, Syracuse, BU. Best for theater minor – Pace, NYU, Syracuse, BU

Good Luck


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Preston S
1. Way too many schools. You’ll be paying $30-60 per application. Narrow it down to 6 or so, unless your grades are bad.

2. Good to start early, just remember that most of the applications you listed only take a half hour or so to fill out. Only Cornell needs an in depth app, with 2 letters of reccomendation, 2 essays, etc. All the others are easy to fill out. Start drafting some admissions essays for practice.

3+4. I’m assuming you live in NJ becaus eyou listed a lot of state schools. Rutgers is easily the best of the state schools you listed. If you want to stay in state and pay in state tuition, go with Rutgers. Its the same price as the other schools but has a national reputation and excellent education. If you insist on other state schools, only apply to 1, maybe 2 other schools. i.e. TCNJ and Montclair. Phily and Niagra U should be taken off because they are not as good as the other private schools, and costs close to the same.

Syracuse NYU and BU are all great schools, but have a comperable education to Rutgers, but cost more than twice as much. If you HAVE to get out of the state then go for it, but otherwise, I’d take off one or two off the list.

Cornell is a reach, even if you have excellent grades and scores. Apply if you really think you have the scores.

I say apply to : Rutgers, TCNJ, Montclair, Cornell, NYU, and Syracuse. Its a good mix of prices, quality and selectivity.

5. Hope this helped.

6. Rutgers has one of the best communications programs in the country. The School of Communications, Information, and Library Studies (SCILS) is in the top 10 for communications. Also, Alexander Library, which is attached to SCILS, is the number one liberal arts library in the country. While you are there you can also study theater or join one of the half dozen campus theater companies. Montclair has a really good theater program if thats where you want to go. Of course, NYU has great theater. Honestly, I think Rutgers is your best bet because it is a big school and you are free to do anything you want to do, with great facilities to do it with.

Good Luck!!


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VISIT THE SCHOOLS! I cannot stress this enough! I thought I wanted to go to a big school like Northeastern but I got there and it was just too big for me! You might think you love a place and then you get there and hate it. It is important to meet with some of the staff and students to really get a good vibe for the school. Also, really try to figure out where you want to be location -wise. Syracuse is in a nice city but theres not a whole lot around it, While NYU is in one of the biggest cities with a ton of stuff around it! Try to decide where you really want to be and dont just apply to a school because of its name or because it has a nice website. Starting early is a really good idea though, and I would strongly suggest making checklists for each school and having folders for each so you dont get stressed! Good Luck!

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I go to Syracuse, yay! And I like it but I’m just biased. 🙂 But those are some really great schools you have picked out.

The best way to narrow it down is to make a list of what you want in a college (major, big school vs. small school, sports vs. no sports…etc) and see which ones fit your criteria.

It’s good that you’re starting early, its not a fun process and you definitely don’t want to get behind deadlines and such…since writing some of those essays can be a pain.

Good luck!


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TCNJ is a great little school, ranked as the second most competitive school in NJ after Princeton, NYU is overrated for undergrad, but has some great grad programs, RU-New Brunswick also a good school, but VERY large. Pace, not worth the money (alot of not-so-smart people i know go there). hope that helped =)

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What major are you thinking about? That will help determine what school you should go to.