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Middle School Activities.?

Ok. I’m going into middle school this year as a 7th grader. I’m not really good at sports but i love to play them but i won’t make a team. I don’t like crafty activities either. I want to have something to do after-school though. Something fun. If you can think of any sports that I would fit into that would be incredibly helpful but I doubt you will. I’m short and I can’t run fast. I need some fun suggestions!!!

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Baseball (or softball) would be good for you. I know I sound like a geek, but Science Olympiad I heard is pretty fun. (My friends from a few years back won a gold medal because they were messing around on the computer and made this random design.)

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in case you have a locker, you ought to get a locker shelf. it is going to make all of the replace in locker area. additionally, get a magnetic pencil cup to place to your locker. those are smart, because of the reality it fairly is reachable to discover your pencils. I continually favorite to have a pair unique shade pens too, because of the reality it made taking notes extra advantageous relaxing (in the adventure that your instructor facilitates you to apply pen). A calculator is effective, once you’re allowed one, because of the reality that some teachers do no longer recommend you ought to use calculators. you may prefer to get a lock to your locker, for the reason that human beings ought to attempt to thieve issues out of your locker. i’m hoping this facilitates!