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Looking for Alternative or Special Schooling for a mild MR/Bi-Polar Teen.?

Have a 14 yr old daughter with mild MR/BiPolar. Public School has been a nightmare/tried Christian Schools, they are not equiped to give her one on one help and expensive. I cld home school but then she dosent get the peer socialization. I have thought about specialized schools but not sure where to turn. She is currently in a hospital receiving therapy and counseling (she enjoys it) due to the fact there is no one judging her and she can be herself and relax. I would like to get something set up for the beginning school year. Any help or guidence would be greatly appreciated. By the way we live in southern Arkansas.

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Ms. Phyllis

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If school has been a nightmare, I would suggest that you try homeschooling your daughter again.

Perhaps she can get the peer socialization through your church, community activities, park district classes, etc. If you want the support of your public school system, check online to see if your state has virtual/charter schools.

I hope this is helpful.