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Have no college education.Need a bachelors in business management to advance at work.Where do I start ?

I work full time so attending a university is not an option. What online courses and schools will give me an accredited degree the fastest way and will not break me financially?

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Actually, many students attend community colleges in the evenings or on weekends. The “working” students at my local community college outnumber “full-time/non-working” students. So, attending “real” classes is an option for you.

It can be done, but it will take time. One or two classes per semester, as much as you think you can handle. Make sure that you get credit for life experiences which can satisfy some of your requirements.

A community college is geared toward working adults, and the tuition is reflected in that. Expect to pay slightly less than $100 per credit hour instead of $300+ per credit hour at a full university.

I don’t recommend an online university, unless you have very deep pockets and are very disciplined in your study habits. Attending a class in person has intangible benefits over attending a class “online”.

Good luck in your studies,

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Onlinie classes tend to be a little more expensive than traditonal classes, but they have extra flexability, which was really a plus for me. University of Phoneix is probably the school that is the fastest, since they offer excelerated classes (which, if you are not a fast learner, isn’t good). All of them are going to cost about the same, but if you take out a loan, you don’t have to start making payments until six months out of graduation (which may be a plus if you see your degree advance your position). You can also look into the tons of scholarships offered, many for things that you were not even aware of.

Good luck.


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