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Is your weakness in math and is your strength found in english?

Which subject do you like the most? How can you improve your weakness and turn it into a strength? If you’ve gone to college, …what was your favorite subject?

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Crystal N

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I really don’t have any weaknesses in those areas, but I would say that I like math. You can improve your weakness and turn it into a strength by studying and trying hard, give 120% of your efforts.

4 years ago
“Is your weak point in math and is your potential cutting-edge in english”? rather I do exceptionally plenty at the two those matters. i do no longer do greater effective at one greater suitable than the different. “Which subject do you like the main”? I even have my good 3 of which i like all the two: a million)Psychology 2)historical past 3)distant places Language “how are you able to enhance your weak point and turn it right into a potential”? the respond is easy. All you like is committed prepare, prepare, and greater prepare. it extremely is it! “in case you have long previous to varsity, …what became into your famous subject”? i might might desire to declare my famous subject is Psychology. it is likewise my considerable :).