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Sandi B

if you were a teen from the 50’s to early 90’s??

I am doing a report and in it i have to find people from the 50’s to 90’s who were teens and findout alittle about themselves. so pretty much what did you like to do, what was your hobbies, things like that and what were the years that you were a teen? It’s pretty much to figure out Adolescence from past, present and future. THanks

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I was a teen in the 80’s. We listened to heavy metal, smoked pot, went to concerts, raced cars, cruised certain crusing areas, roamed the streets on foot, had endless parties, went to the beach, oh geez…..

now I’m the complete opposite!!


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First.. learn grammar.

Second. Get off you PC and go interact with people.. on here you have to trust that people are telling you the truth. Your paper looses validity.