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Mike K

I want to order this dvd from a site based in USA, I LIVE IN ENGLAND- so i don’t know what the total cost is

on this website (www.learn-to-breakdance.com) i want to order the dvd but only by mail. The problem is i do not know what the total cost is. I click on the mail order form which needs to be printed out. It says that it costs $19.95 and $3.85 for shipping. then it says ‘$5.00 flat rate for international orders’ does this mean that i will need to pay $19.95 + $5.00 in total or will i need to pay $19.95 + $3.85 + $5.00 in total? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

also do i convert the total amount of pounds into dollars in england and put it in the envelope with the order form or do i send the money in pounds in the envolope with the order form?

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Don’t send money orders or pay a bank to convert your pounds to dollars, use a credit card and they will take care of the conversion.

You are also protected against fraud this way too.


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Think it means $19.95 + $5.00 for standard international orders.

But don’t listen too me too much.