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I need to know what to say in my resume about working in a daycare?

what should I say or could you give me examples on what to say

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I had to do a resume myself when I took child daycare in BOCES and This is how i was tought to do a reesume…

put your name, address, phone and email in upper right hand corner of page.

this is how mine followed with a few ex.

on the left i started with

OBJECTIVE: to work with children

EDUCATION:(write names of schools, yrs attended and city/state

INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES: (write your interest and things you like to do in your free time)

WORK EXPERIENCE: (name the places you have worked, how long you have worked there and describe your job descriptions)

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: (name any places u have done volunteer work for, when you did it and describe what your volunteering consist of.

SUMMERY OF QUALIFICATIONS: (name at least 5) (ex. resposable, an organized individual…etc)

COMMUNITY SERVICE: (name of place, date, city/state and what u did)

AWARDS: ( name any rewards or things you got recognized for in high school/college)

Any recomendations letters from people you know would also be great to add with the resume.

hope this helps….good luck!


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Typical resume ettiquette has you put the name of the daycare, city, and dates you worked there. Underneath you should include about 3 bullets with achievements at that daycare, such as “Established new activity schedule” or “Was employee of the month for May 2007.” Pick your best three accomplishments and make them sound important, and avoid using “I.” If you don’t have many accomplishments, turn some aspect into the job into an accomplishment such as “Organized afternoon playgroups.” You may also want to consider what job you’re applying for and what that potential job is looking for. If it’s a Managerial job you’ll want to emphasize that you “supervized” or “organized” something, for example.