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vlada l

I need to boost my GPA( grade point average) !?

Please share with me any speacial study habits…

How do most people manage their time , I feel like I always forgeting everything. I also have another fear of public speaking. My native language is not english , so I guess this is the source of my problem.JUst to add , I am not a shy person , and I never had this problem in my native language .

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Two things help, and research has backed it up. First: sit as far to the front of the class as possible. That way you can watch the professor’s cues and avoid the inevitable distractions of other students in the class.

Second, review the notes from your previous class and your reading right before the class starts.

This should help you jump a whole point. Best wishes.


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It is normal not to want to speak in public when you are dealing with a language that is not your natural language. Time and the improvement of you language skill will alleviate that problem

Your language skills may also hamper your doing well in school. You will find below some good study skill sites.