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i need help with my parents + school?

im in 8th grade and ive been in high classes so far in junior high. i extremely dislike two of the teachers which teach math and english. my parents told me to deal with them and do my best. ive tried my hardest on every assignment they give me but those two grades are my lowest. ive been bumped down to academic classes now and my parents are mad. my parents said i have to get a’s or im grounded for that semester because i could have made it to the high classes again but now im in the easier classes and it should be a lot easier for me to get a’s. ive tried to help a lot of my friends with their homework and they are in the academic classes and they were learning different stuff that was harder then what i was taught. any advice would work.

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Sounds like you’re under a lot of pressure, and you need some help. Higher classes are challenging, but I’m sure you are very smart and intelligent to have climbed yourself up to that level. Sometimes when there’s a lot of pressure on you you don’t do as well. i’ve been through that being an ‘A’ student most of my life.

if I were in your position I’d actually start asking the friends you know who are in higher classes or understand what you’re learning in Math and English help you. Tell them you need a favor, and you may need to be tutored by them for a while. If you don’t have any friends at that level there’s this really helpful site called tutor.com that has real tutors (even in the college level) that can help explain the material.

as for your parents I don’t think they mean to put you under this pressure, because I think they just want you to do well in high school. After all high school grades determine what college you go to. I think as long as you try your best and ask for help when you need it (not a lot of people have the ability to ask for help by the way) you’ll do fine. Try your best. 🙂 And good luck in Hgih School. Make the best out of it. Be sure to relax when you don’t have homework!


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Sounds to me that you have “made your bed.” I hated my history teacher in high school. If I could have put my feelings behind me, I could have made better grades.

If you would talk to a counselor in the school, she/he might be able to give you some advice. She also might not.

I then had to teach history in school, and it is still by far my favorite subject. and the history that I hated?…she is now a good friend of mine.

For the present time, take the courses you are assigned, and ace them…no matter how much time you have to put into it.

You are between a rock and a hard place.

Besides, if you like the new teachers, you might learn that “harder stuff” much more easily.

Good Luck!!!


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it isnt that they are learnign HARDER stuff, it is that in higher classes they go through the material much quicker and do not go into as much detail as a normal level class. your best bet is to go for extra help. it shows your teachers that you are making an effort and will win you brownie points (it really makes a difference i promise).