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GPA?!! help please…..?

okay I just finished my freshman year in high school and it BOMBED. I did pretty well in the first and third quarters and second quarter was okay but the fourth was HORRIBLE. According to my mom, my GPA was a 2.0 or something.

a) How do you calculate GPA

b) Do colleges really average the GPA of all four years?

c) If I am taking all college-level courses and can’t get into any honors or AP’s until junior year, will that have a negative impact overall?

Please help….your answers are much appriciated

Thank you

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A= 4

B= 3

C= 2


if it’s like an 85 then it’s a 3.5 so you get the idea

b) They average your first three years and i believe the first two semesters of your senior year.

c) no way. if you’re taking the highest you can take and put effort into it and get good grades (a’s and b’s) then you’re fine. Colleges like to see that you challenge yourself but they don’t want you to take AP’s and fail. I was going to take AP Physics/Chemistry…but I didn’t want to stress myself so I took Chemistry honors. I believe I made the right decision…almost everybody in the AP class failed and I got an A in chemistry which made me go on to AP Chemistry my senior year. So it’s all about staying in the right level and getting good grades in it and everything.

So basically…don’t be lazy…put in a lot of effort and don’t slack off. just stick to it and don’t go beyond your level.

Remember: colleges also look at SAT’s and ACT’s so remember to prepare for that too.


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OK this is how you do your GPA.

Take the total grade of each class. Average those together and write the number somewhere, repeat this for each class. Once you have the percentage for each class, add those together divide by the number of classes and you will have your overall total.


You need to solve this simple equation.

Example. Say you got a 85% overall your freshman year.

X= (85%)(4.0)/100

X = (Your total Percentage) X (4.0 ) Divided by 100. X will now give you your GPA.

I used 4.0 because thats the maximum amount of GPA.

College will average your four years using a simular equation as above, BUT remember its not just your GPA that counts, You SAT is very important and also your extra circular acitivies. Make sure you join clubs & particpate in school as much as you can.

AP classes are weighed grealty by Univeristies but don’t doubt yourself. Work Hard and Study Hard when you are able to take the AP classes then do so. If its next year or the year after that.

Your Going to do great! Whatever you do, DONT let people tell you that your cant do it, if you mess up TRY again!

Here is a grading Scale

4.0 – A

3.0 – B

2.0 – C

1.0 – D

100-90 – A

89-80 – B

79 – 70 – C

69 – 60 – D

Of course there are values in between each letter grade, but you get an idea of where your at!



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a) Grade Point Average varies from school to school. You should find out which (if any) of your classes are “weighted”. Also, find out if your school uses a 4 or 5 point scale. It’s easier if it’s 5, then assign a 1 to F’s, 2 to D’s……5 to A’s.

b) College admissions officers take GPA into account somewhat, but what’s more important is your interview. Show off your personality, your talents, and most of all be polite and respectful. Ask them questions, too! Do not let them be the only ones doing the asking (this goes for future job interviews too).

c) I have never heard of anyone getting into college-level or AP courses before they were a junior in high-school, so don’t sweat it.


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I don’t know how to calculate GPA, but I can answer your other two questions:

b)You could say that your GPA is averaged, which means that if you do well your sophomore year-senior year, your GPA will significantly increase

c) If you get good grades on AP classes, you GPA will be helped by a lot. My GPA during freshman year was 3.89, but it jumped to a 4.46 because of APs. Your GPA cannot be impacted if you don’t take any AP classes, but then you won’t be able to bring it up over a 4.0 either


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youamazeme bby
to get your GPA theres a chart A+=13 A=12 A- =11 B+ =10 B=9 B- =8 C+ = 7 C=6 C- =5 D+ = 4 D=3 D- =2 F=1

then add those accoring to your grades the divide by number of classes and then divide that by 3


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GPA (grade point average) is based on a points system assigned to grades – it depends on which point system your school uses. Because it is an AVERAGE, your points for each course are added up and then averaged.

Your final GPA at graduation is what really matters, and if you can show improvment on your transcripts over your high school career, they will take that into consideration as well. College prep classes and AP are great, but not if you can’t succeed in them.


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if you’re on a 4.0 scale. add all your grades together and divide by the # of classes you have.

a = 4

b = 3

c = 2

d = 1

f = 0

the big years college look for is junior yr.. most colleges don’t even take freshan yr into accont. And AP classes dont really matter, they’re just there to help you get college credits. altough colleges do look at the difficulty and diversity of transcript. if you’re really concerned about not taking ap classes sign up for the equivelent at a community college durnign the summer or next school yr….that’s what i did.