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how do you make a paraLiturgy?? or what are the parts of a paraLiturgy??

pLs.. i need it this coming monday.. its a saturday, right?? oh pLease.. anyONe??

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A paraliturgy is a series of prayers that anyone catholic can do. It is just a series of prayers, reading from the bible, songs and the leader talks to the people taking part in the paraliturgy.

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i think you are one of the most informed persons in the world about paraliturgy..i dont know even the word itself and i have graduated from university..

you at least know the word

so you good already..

do your homework old style..dont go to mall with your friends today..stay home and study a little..do your best and if still you cant find anything tell that to your teacher..believe me s/he will understand..but you have to do your best first..

hope you make it