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How does our education system in America lend itself to creating mediocrity?

Let it allllll out.

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..great answer but I’ll add teachers/principals and districts give in to the complaining parents who insist their child should not be held accountable for his/her actions or grades or behavior.

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First, teachers aren’t allowed to give grades based purely on achievement. Second, students move on to the next grade level regardless if they failed that year. That process stops in high school and explains the high drop out rate in many cities. Third, some schools/teachers focus on constant review and memorization in order to do well on standardized tests rather than on enrichment and critical thinking. Finally, the absence of alternative education options hinders everyone. Stop ignoring the elephant in the room. Most people are not going to earn college diplomas. Give them career options and remove them from the college-bound classes they are failing. Now, you can make the academic classes more strenuous for those who have the aptitude and motivation.