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How do I find a job as a Teacher in Ireland?

Hello. I am an a Dual Irish and American citizen. Not sure where to start my job search. I grew up in America, but my Mum is from Ireland and therefore I also have Irish citizenship. I would like to teach in some capacity in Ireland. I have both an undergraduate degree from university, as well as a masters degree. Both these degrees are in Speech Communication and Performance Studies. To expand, I have taught 2 years of Public Speaking, Speech Preparation and Speech Writing at College/University level here in the States during my masters program. Also, I have an extended background in drama and performing arts.

I would like to teach High School level Drama or Speech/Public Speaking. How would I go about starting this search? Are there private schools in Ireland where this transition would be easier?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for understanding my lack of understanding about the Irish Educational System.

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See http://www.asti.ie/faq/becoming.htm#courses. It tells you the qualifications you need and how to register and so on

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Try Cachinko, it seems like the best social networking site out there to help you find jobs and share any job leads with your friends. Good luck!