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how do i discipline myself ?

i am a college student and i find it hard to just sit down and study until finals roll around. how do all the other kids do it? i want to stay on task! and i just want to unclutter my life. my room’s a mess, my backpack is a mess. i know all this, and i was NEver like this before!! but for some reason…now i dont do anything about it. i have always been a good student, and it frustrates me that now i cant even sit down to study!!

theres no way i can get into medical school if this keeps up! help?!??

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From what u’ve written it seems u r not naturally indisciplined and that’s very good. The first step to improving urself is knowing and acknowledging that improvement is needed. You’ve already done that, and u know what all u have to work on…. now all that u have to do is actually DO IT !!

try to figure out what is stopping u from being disciplined, u don’t seem lazy or unwilling to study and get in a routine.. so think what is keeping ur mind busy and distracting u from studies.. sort it out… and then follow some activities as mentioned below:

Create a list of subjects/topics or lessons that u can cover in a day…….. Estimate how much time each topic should ideally take and accordingly create a timetable. Stick to it come what may…. Create a genuine study time table a day in advance and Adhere to ur timetable strictly. For instance, if u plan something for monday.. create ur plan on sunday night before sleeping… keep thinking u have to do it.. and come what may u’ll finish studying what u planned and in the stipulated time…

(u can also give urself small rewards like chocolates etc. on completing some porting of ur subjects)

I think disciplining a person like u, who is willing to discipline herself is not a difficult task at all…. be focussed… am sure u’ll be easily able to get over this temporary slag ….

All the best….


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Read the book 7 Steps to Highly Effective Teens. A big part of going to college is becoming more responsible. You don’t have anybody telling you to clean your room, or do your homework so, “Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.” There are a mountain of new things to distract you. So get organized. Set priorities and stick to them. If you can’t get anything done because you are over whelmed then lighten your load a little. Schedule an hour everyday for me time. It might be to talk to friend on line or polish your nails. But set a timer and when the buzzer goes off get back on track.

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Are you living the frat life?

I would, too, if I could.

Kinda force yourself. Even if you don’t feel in the mood, break open the books and usually something gets done. If you just dive in it might create a rhythm and you’ll end up spending more time on it than you intended, just like the distractions.


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Its all about your mind setup.. if u think i am doing wrong i cant be back to my normal life , the way u like .. then u cant do that any more … If u analyze your self ur doing wrong , then believe u can change ur self just like plucking a flower. cos.. now u know wot u have to do and wot not..

So believe ur self do the thing according to ur mind set .be positive .. if u believe you can change ur self then nobody can stop you .

i dont think i am 100% rit .. but i am telling my rits for your prob . anyhow wishing u all the best from my heart


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Jacky.- the “INDIAN”.
Just you can do it .

You are able to do it ,

start it today ,

just now .