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How can I create my own campaign awareness in Singapore? Example: Pet Abusing?

I recently had a fight with my dad because he wanted to beat up my dog who is a timid but loving character mind set. He is small, white, little fluffy and works with people who really has concerns over other people like feelings. He pulled my dog’s tail when he was under the sofa, I couldn’t resist what he was doing and started raising hands at him. I couldn’t stop him instead I started grabbing his spectacles and braking it into pieces. And I thought it was so wrong. Very wrong! So I thought, how would it be good to show him off a lesson. Therefore I thought of having a awareness programme. Here are some of my information that you might/may need if you have some events where can help me out in setting this awareness programme.

Name: Sivaraaj Krishnan

Age: 15 (Think that is not possible?)

Country: Singapore

E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]

(Just make sure that your emails do not end up in my junk folder. Your help will be treasured forever in my life!)

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create a website, send emails to people, flyers, distribute pamphlets to help people be more aware of ways they can abuse their pets

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I trust meister to a point. Make the image fairly attractive. For Homeless Pet concentration crusade you does not have to placed a miserable image of a puppy. A image can also be any form of image that’s attractive and suggests a puppy wandering or roaming round within the streets. And additionally for those who would use a few higher Fonts for the textual content as an alternative of Comic Sans it might supply a extra respectable appear to the poster. This is my sincere opinion and recommendation. Thanks.