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hello,I’am a student,doing graduation,the problem withh me is ia’, not able to concentrate on my studies.

any matter which is not regarding studies gives me a instant energy .much of my concentration in to social things,but ia’m in the crucial stage of my studies.I spent lot of time on net and t.v.

iam not able to concentrate on my studies,my sir said i have very low concentration,plz help me to improve my concentration and intrest towards my studies

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A few days ago

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i’ll tell you a simple excercise which will help you to gather concentration

take a newspaper article and circle all the “e’s” you see- it is very gud and makes you focus

also dont study for hours at stretch, stuady for half an hour ( or whtever suits you) and then take a brk- rem not to extend ur brk-

and make a schedule – once you have it, you will feel bad if you dont follow it, so u will most probably tick to it

and also indulge in sports, it is good

hope i helped, best of luck!