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Has anyone ever took courses with Penn Foster Career School?

I’m thinking about taking a few courses with Penn Foster (medical terminology & Anatomy & Physiology) and I need to know if anyone can offer any insight to this school? Also, I was wondering if their credits will transfer to a local community college?

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I am currently enrolled at Penn Foster. I am right in the middle of the Human Anatomy course for the Medical Coding diploma. I would have to say that I am happy with all the courses I’ve completed so far. The coursework is challenging at times – they don’t just hand out A’s to everyone who signs up!

I noticed that they are now offering the anatomy and terminology courses (which are part of my program) as individual “certificates”. I assume that is what you are referring to. I don’t think Penn Foster offers actual credits for these courses which are offered through their Career School. Possibly you could take them through their college (Penn Foster College) – these are credit classes with proctored exams.

I would contact Penn Foster and find out about credits for these courses and the school you would like to transfer them to before signing up.

Hope that helps!


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Anne D
I get lots of pamphlets from them all of the time. I would avoid those online schools, personally. You will get a better education from your local community college. Especially if, judging by the courses you are taking, possibly going into medical transcription type field? I would go to an “on-campus” school. Many colleges, such as mine, offer lots of classes online themselves or at different times. If you really are interested in online schools, look up Capella University, Walden University, Regis University, or AIB. They are more accredited than ones such as Penn Foster or PCDI. And yes, I would assume the credits would transfer to a CC, but you should talk to your future school of choice before beginning the corrspondence courses to make sure. Email me if you want any future advice or have questions. I’ve researched just about every online/on-campus school aroudn looking for education options! 🙂