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essay help !?

hey.. i have to write a essay of 600 to 800 wrds… on any topic i like? is there anyone who can suggest me a college grade essay topic, which is easy to write, and i can research abt it online? please help.. thanks…would be great if u can gimme website refrences ? ty in advance…

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Hannah M

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Hi…am currently s’posed to be writing similar length essay on “What is the difference between a nuclear and extended family?”.

Other options were:

“The teacher is the biggest barrier to learning for most students”

“What do you consider to be the greatest threat to mankind in 2007?”

“Why is euthanasia such a controversial subject?”

“Why does domestic violence happen?”

“To what extent is it possible to interpret eating disorders in terms of western culture?”

“Does poor health tell us anything about social inequality?”



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you could write about a hobby you like. or you could write about a thing you adore or someone that cared about u