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does anyone know of a Registered Nursing program you can do mostly at home?

The community college nearby has a nursing program, but the waiting list is crazy long to get in. I have heard of homestudy programs….has anyone tried one? Thanks!

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There are several on line nursing degree programs which can be found if you type in to your search engine (on line degree programs for nursing). Here is the problem with them though. University of Phoenix charges $400 a credit hour plus the cost of books and materials (you are going to need approximately 80 credit hours to get an associates degree, that is a whole lot of money). That is almost twice what I pay for masters classes at the university I go to. Plus you have to be very disciplined. From personal experience we often put off doing something is we do not have a schedule to keep. Also you will still have to do your clinical, often they are at a hospital out of state and housing, transportation is an additional expense you will have to pay for.

Now you can get some of your English, history and sciences (those that do not require labs) on line through your local community college. For the nursing program I would recommend going to your local community college and applying to their program. Often they have flexible hours and it is a whole lot cheaper.

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Nursing programs require you to have a nursings skills course and clinical practice so it is impossible to do those classes on line. You may be able to do the math, english, humanities courses on line. If you are on the waiting list at the community college then check to see what NON-nursing courses you have to take.

The ANA has made it near impossible for nurses to get any credits for courses not taught by nurses. One went so far as to bar pharmacists from teaching pharmacology and nutritionists from teaching nutrition! If that “policy” was changed you would find they could accept more students and the waiting lists would decrease.

THE Indiana State Program is a BSN and ONLY for those who are already LPN’s or RN’s. It is NOT what you need.


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i’m a girl nurse with over 40 years journey. while i began very few adult adult males went into nursing ( I had 2 in my type , the two Psych Nurses).over the years greater joined the occupation, and now it relatively is amazingly basic, with many focusing on ICU the place nurses could make greater money. Many paintings on the Baylor Plan, working 2 x 12 hr shifts over the weekend and rancid throughout the time of the week, with complete reward. you will possibly desire to have the skill to handle college classes and maximum faculties now are affiliated with faculties and hospitals. you apart from mght might desire to pass state boards and be approved by your state to prepare. Very infrequently you’re able to run right into a girl affected person who in basic terms needs a girl nurse yet i’ve got additionally been asked by a male affected person if we did no longer have a male nurse for him. it somewhat is via the fact it would desire to be a “inner maximum” concern & they’re in simple terms wanting that distinctive touch with somebody of a similar intercourse who might comprehend greater effective. in no way take it in my view for as long as you already know what you’re doing, male or lady, you would be universal. choose for it. you have relatively have been given MY blessing.

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Indiana State University has a great bsn program on line. Good luck.