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Does a high gpa really mean that u are smart and know wat you are doing and is a hard worker?

you have two college juniors going for an internship and one has a 3.7 and the other has a 2.5. the 3.7 cheated their way to that gpa while the 2.5 studied and eventually passed the classes without cheating. now when both submit a resime to a company the company sees the 3.7 and reads the resime. now wen it sees the second resime and sees the 2.5 its goin in the trash or the i dont think so pile. is it me or is this so unfair since if u have to cheat to get a 3.7 then u dont know what u are diong versus actually doing the work u kno and learn from your mistakes. why isnt this apparent to these companies do u think and i am not saying that all high gpa’s coem from cheating but there are alot of them. Do you think i am wrong to think that a gpa doesnt say nothin about how good of a worker a person is.

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high averages show that you have sharp cognitive abilites to retain information. some people are gifted to be able to process what they read quickly and make sense of it, plus expand on it by writing on the subject etc. this is only one level of intelligence.

This does not mean that the person with a 2.5 average is not gifted.

If you are an artist, then people want to see your work and higher you on your artistic abilities

If you are a constuction worker or laborer,

you are gifted with balance and agility, and physical strength, which is also a gift.

If you are a sales person, you are a great communicator.

And the list goes on.

You can be the smartest person in the world and be lazy, or without common sense or not get along with other people on a team.

You have so much more to offer than a gpa.

Oh and about cheating. Every dog has his day.


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Well, the presumable outcome of the situation you describe is that the 3.7 gpa person gets the job, then falls flat on their face and gets fired because they don’t actually know anything.

I would think this is a good reason for employers conducting interviews – even at that point it might be obvious that the 3.7 candidate is worse than the 2.5 one.


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GPA reflects commitment / hard work (if no cheating was involved). You can be dumb as a bag of hammers, yet work hard, learn the material, and get a high GPA

As for the guy who cheated, if the company hires him, theyll probably find out soon enough he doesnt know his stuff.


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You may not have a higher IQ than the 2.7GPA guy but you’re definitely smarter cause you know how to beat the system! c’mon,… i mean, what is cheating anyways? it’s not like cops will arrest you for cheating in school. everyone cheats their way through life to a certain degree. and it’s not just desperate people who cheat… you hear about CEOs and executives getting busted for cheating all the time and they’re super wealthy to begin with. for them it’s the thrill of beating the system!!! it’s a challenge because not many people can pull it off. companies don’t have the time to research every candidate to that level; they just go with what the transcript says. ends justify the means.