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deductive/inductive logic?

Your child is trying to prove that she did not steal chocolate chip cookies from the cookie jar, heres her argument: “There are no chocolate stains on my hands, so I couldn’t have stolen the cookies.”

1) Does this example require deductive or inductive logic?

2) What are the premises?

3) Are the premises stated or unstated?

4) What is the argument’s conclusion?

5) In your opinion, is this a convincing argument? Why or why not?

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Deductive – and it is not a convincing argument because she only used one indication of stealing chocalate chip cookies to prove her point and this indication is not necessarily true.

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Deductive reasoning, but inductive assumptions.

Unstated premise that all cookie thiefs get chocolate stains on their hands with a conclusion that since she has no stains, she did not commit the crime.

Not convincing as the premise is not necessarily true.