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Are colleges in Texas cheaper than in California?

I’m a Sophmore in Highschool, and I’m still thinking about where to go. I live in California, but I like Texas. Which is better to go to for college?

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I used to live in Cali and I probably should have went to school there since the University of California system had zero tuition! I mean, you still have expenses, but it’s a great deal for residents to take advantage of. Plus, the University of California system (like UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, etc) rank at a decent level. I’m not sure how many do in Texas.

I’m in Texas right now actually, just visiting. I guess it depends on where you want to go. The University of Texas in San Antonio is supposed to be good I think. The cost of living here in Houston is pretty cheap compared to most places, I know that. But definitely stay in CA until you graduate. Texas’s secondary school system is not all that great….or so I’ve heard. And since you would be a non-resident after graduating in CA, the cost would go up anyway. Maybe stick with CA….


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Check out this webpage, that lists average college costs for each state from 2001-2002 and 2002-2003. It differs based on whether the college is public or private, but in both respects, it looks like the average university in Texas IS cheaper t han the average university in California.


Beyond this, you have to realize that the cost of college varies GREATLY depending on what college you’re talking about. So some individual colleges in Texas WILL cost more than some individual colleges in California.

At this point, since you’re a sophmore and already thinking about college in these states, you could start to narrow it down to which specific colleges you’re interested in. Also, I’d recommend applying to a couple in Cali and couple in Texas just in case, and decide after you get cost information (that is, you may get a scholarship which can lower the cost a lot!)

Here is a list of colleges and universities in Texas:


and here is a list of colleges in California:



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There are areas of Cali that fee below others, yet by nationwide assessment, none are much less costly. Texas would be a lots greater fee-effective place to stay and pass to college. That mentioned, on the entire, Cali has lots greater helpful faculties. After UT Austin the Texas state faculties are no longer spectacular. yet fee clever, till you’re 24, you will possibly ought to pay out of state instructions at CA faculties in the adventure that your mothers and fathers do no longer circulate too, don’t comprehend the way it truly works in Texas. OOS costs are very severe, $30,000/3 hundred and sixty 5 days at CSUs and $40,000 at UCs. they’re rigid approximately this as a results of fact lots of attempt to pass there for the faculties.

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moral TERPitude
since youre instate california colleges will be cheaper. but relative to going to college in other states i think that ive heard that texas has pretty cheap schools. i know like rice in houston is a real bargain compared to similar schools around the country