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Whitney W

Are 4 AP classes a year too much to take in 1 year?

I am a dedicated student but I’m just not sure. I’m really motivated and plan on going to a highly selective school. The AP’s are A day B day classes. This will be my junior year. My schedule is as follows…

AP English

AP US History

AP Biology

AP Statistics

Honors Pre-Calc

Spanish 2

Honors Chemistry


Any advice/suggestions?

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That’s what I’m doing. I’m taking AP English IV, AP Art History, AP Gov, and AP Eco, but this is my last year.

To me, 7 AP classes is way too much.

If you can take 4 and not drown during the year, then you’ll be fine. Be sure to get the highest grades you can and truly enjoy the classes because if you don’t, then you’ll come to hate it and your grades will drop. I took AP English Lang & Comp. my junior year and while it was a rigourous course, I loved it because I had a great teacher and loved the discussions. Didn’t come out with too good of a grade, but the experience is worth it.

As for AP U.S. History: READ YOUR TEXTBOOK and you’ll be just fine.

Honors Chem: Always do your homework and do not be afraid of asking the teacher for help if you need it.

AP Bio: I knew many of my friends who took Bio and Chem at the same time…and I barely ever saw them. They all had the same look of a sleep deprived over-achiever.

I know that you want to get the best out of your acedemic experience, but you need to be careful because it’ll be very easy for you to burn out. If during the year you find that you’re only getting 3 hours of sleep and are barely keeping up with all the homework, then don’t be afraid of dropping a class (be it AP Bio or Stat). You’re going to learn a lot about yourself and your stress limits this upcoming year.


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sharon m
This a very ambitious schedule. The fact that you asked gives you the answer. An AP class should require 2 hours of homework. That’s 8 hours on A day. Why are you taking Pre Cal and Statistic at the same time? You would be better off getting an A in a regular class than a C in an AP. Why not take one of the AP classes during summer school next year if you must take all these AP classes. This is an important year for you but don’t kill yourself. Another year is coming.

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This proposed schedule sounds like a lot of pressure for you—you don’t want to burn yourself out on school! On the other hand, my daughter graduated with 25 credit hours of AP, and it saved her almost a year of school, and a lot of $$$.

The answer, then, lies in balance. I think if you’re concerned enough about this issue to ask our opinion about it, that in your heart you know it probably IS too much at one time. While it is true that you are in high school to learn, learning is not limited to curriculum. There are other aspects of life that need to be explored and experienced. If you spend every waking moment studying and doing homework, you will miss out on some other experiences that could have a hand in helping you become a well-rounded individual. My advice would be to drop one AP course, and instead fill the time (that you wouldn’t spent studying) volunteering somewhere. You can make a difference in so many lives by helping at a neighborhood senior center, daycare, soup kitchen or animal shelter. Even better, ask a buddy to come along with you! If you don’t know how to get started, ask your counselor where they think your talents would help most.

You sound like a wonderful, intellingent person, who has much to learn, AND much to give.

Good luck, love!


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It’s a little too much for your junior year. I suggest taking 4 (or more) AP classes in your senior year. If you’re really dedicated then I think you can pull it off.

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It seems ok. Have you talked to people who have taken these classes to see if they were really hard and time consuming? If you decide to cut down, I would take out one of the sciences. One science a year is enough, unless you really enjoy those subjects, I personally don’t and would not want to be taking higher level chem and bio in the same year.

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AP Us History is tough go to http://www.apnotes.net/ap.html it will help you and go to Barnes and Nobles to get you the AP review book it is very helpful and remember to go the website at the back of your book because that place might be where your teacher might get actual test questions from….because that is where my teacher got his tests…..no joke from and for math, science, and english help i would recommend to go to http://phschool.com/ it is also very helpful

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Jeffrey W
It can be, but that depends on the student and how much study time they are willing to put in.

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If you are a good student, it is not too much. It depends on the person. Good luck….