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Any interesting culture shocks?

I need to know about culture and how it changes and evolves for my essay so if you have any good ideas for me that would be great.I just need some good ideas but keep it simple 4 me cuz im only in the 6th grade lol

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Barney Blake

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Culture shocks?

I think its interesting how white people (I’m white) generally don’t like to be around their parents/grandparents when we are young, but in other races, specifically asians and hispanics, the young people look up to their elders and try to be with them as much as possible.


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I for my part like seeing guys dressed as ladies and revel in a wide variety of costumes. I am going as a referee this yr. I’m now not the bloody and gory style. I decide on a few lovely brief costumes. I might instead giggle than be scared crapless. Was Nurse Notty a couple of years in the past (handcuffs and all) and feature performed the vampire factor.. simply is dependent one what I’m feeling that yr. Cinn =) *EDIT* Sorry I did not understand there was once a dedication to the topic (bet I didnt get that memo) I idea it was once an afternoon of a laugh to decorate as whatever/any person you were not and feature a blast.