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Michael P

Any 411 type for online and Phone for Macedonia please no ragzeus?

I am looking for an individual in Macedonia and I have the name and I need some sort of 411 type system for online or by phone which will give a phone # for home and cell #’s.

Listen ragzeus this is not a political battle so keep your propaganda out of here.

This is real sensitive which involves matters of the heart.

Let me know

Thank You

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If you are looking for an

authentic Macedonian(Greek) of Greece then you should check the phone directory of Greece under the section of authentic Macedonia of Greece. You will find all the information you need!



If you want information about

Slav-Macedonians or Albanian-Macedonians then check the phone directory of (Slavic/Albanian)Macedonia.

(Next time try not to insult a user! Propaganda is done only by the pseudo-Macedonians! Not by the authentic Macedonians of Greece, not by the real Slav-Macedonians and not by Albanian-Macedonians!)


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You say this person is in MACEDONIA, but you do not say what part. In THESSALONIKI perhaps? You could look in a phone book and perhaps find them there. Xrysos Odigos is a good starting place when it comes to looking for phone numbers and addresses. That is the Greek phone book. However you can also check an “online phone book” at whitepages.oteshop.gr

This also is a very good source, but you have to understand Greek. The site is in Greek.


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The answers above are correct.

Xrusos odigos is the best on line phone directory for Macedonia-Greece.

FYROM is different than Macedonia.


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tom t
Look ar Xrysos Odigos.gr and you will find all the persons that live in Macedonia, Greece.

If you are looking for Fyrom inhabitans I cant help you.


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Here is a directory: