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Where can i get flute notes from?

i am beginning to learn how to play the flute and i need to learn which keys are which etc.i am also learning men of harlech but my friend has got the notes.does any one know where i can get the easy to read notes.The ones that aren’t on the stave?or whatever its called

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“Which keys you need to press” is called the Fingerings.

I’m a trumpet player myself, and fingerings for the trumpet are very simple. But I did find a web page with flute fingerings on it:


As far as reading the notes, you are going to need to learn to read music if you want to play the flute. What you might try is to write the letters next to the notes while you are learning.

The notes ON the lines from bottom to top are EGBDF. (I learned it using the phrase Every Good Boy Does Fine)

The notes between the lines from bottom to top are FACE.

For starters, just try to learn where one note is, then remember that they just go in order like the alphabet B is above A, and C is above B. When you get to G, it repeats with another A.

Good luck.