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When writing a research paper if i have a works cited page do i need to include in-text citations?

what is the proper way to cite quotes? i think i know its like this for books: “quote” (author last name, pg#)? what about an internet source like an online article? AND i still have to provide a works cited right?

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Whenever you mention information or an idea that came from another source regardless of whether you are quoting the source word for word, you must let the reader know where you got the information or idea. Otherwise it is plagiarism.

Unless it is a science or social science course you probably are supposed to follow MLA format. If the work has no author, you abbreviate the title of the piece. If no page number, you just skip the page number. For websites you’ll be providing the URL in the works cited page. Essentially the in text citations should allow someone to reference your works cited page and find exactly where you got the information.

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