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What would i have to do to get into John Hopkins or MIT?

I’m a sophomore in a small elite HS. All my classes are honors level except for my AP history class. (poo, my school offers few AP classes -__-) Right now i’m in the top 25% of my class.

I’m on the fencing team and the poetry magazine. I do a lot of community service, and i’m going to join a few more clubs. My elective is science research and i plan to join the INTEL sci competition. I’m going to try to get into arista. So far i’ve only taken the bio sat subject test with a 790.

What more would i have to do to get into the above schools? What would look really good to get in? What should i do junior year?

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Open the door and walk right in. It’s easy.

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do as many AP/honors classes as possible, Take SAT until you get like 2300 or so, and do tons of extra curiculars.

Also you really need to be in top 10% with a great GPA (IE 3.75+).