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What toll with the population take on the United States Natural Resources in the next 1000 years?

I am in a class called Critical Thinking and this was the question my teacher asked me to figure out. I have 3 presentations to do on it, I have already done one, but now I need to find research on this. Can anyone help?

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Ms. Cannon

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I don’t necessarily think we should be thinking in 1000 year terms in the manner of this question. Already we’re seeing great depletion of almost every natural resource America had before becoming a fully developed, civilized nation. There is hardly any oil left in the states [that we know of], everywhere you drive open habitats for grassland animals are being destroyed in favor of Home Depots, Lowes and Wallmarts that have counterparts five miles down the road. We used to dump trash in the ocean [that wasn’t smart was it?] and we’re starting to severely pay for that now, as well as our destruction of the Everglades and other natural habitats for animals that are unique and most often endangered, our gross use of fossil fuels. With the new generation there is the possibility that this could in fact worsen and destroy all that is natural in the U.S, or with more programs and general awareness we could see a change that could give us more natural resources than we have currently.

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Hoptoad City
Be sure to look at things logicly. Man and the environment have been coexisting for centuries. They will continue to coexist for another 1000 years. The US will be treading much lighter on the environment as time goes on and we become more educated about pollution and alternative energy resources. Global Warming is a natural process btw. We have been coming out of an ice age for quite awhile now. Global cooling when we go back into an ice age will be devestating. Don’t listed to Al Gore. He is just a shock jock.

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real Americans have been practicing population control for decades. ZPG -= Zero Population Growth came to the forefront in the 1960’s. Most of the increase in population since then has been legal AND illegal immigrants (<< thanks to politicians and liberals). Besides themselves adding to the population, they still have the mindset that large families are the way to go; AND they sponsor in more family members. If you want world population control, do not support any efforts to improve health in 3rd world countries because that is where populations would explode, famine would be rampant, and then more brutal wars would break out.